ARTIST Claude Chandler

With my punching bag in the studio, I keep physically and mentally fit – both is equally important, especially when you work on large scale paintings or even murals.

Born in 1989, Claude Chandler was immersed in the Durban art world from an early age, with both of his parents being talented local artists and prominent figures in the art scene.

At school Claudes’ art was often considered controversial and his mother was occasionally called in due to teachers’ concerns. What was a limitation at school , served him well later in his career. Chandler was awarded 2nd place in the 2011 KZNSA’s Members’ Exhibition for his scatological interpretation of the theme, “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

After Graduating in 2011, Claude moved to Cape Town to pursue his art career. He was a finalist at the 2013 SPI Portrait Awards and has participated in numerous art fairs and group shows including two sell-out solo exhibitions in Cape Town. Since 2017 Claude also did a number of murals in Cape Town and has since gradually been building a portfolio of street art works.
He currently works from SideTrack Studios, a creative collective, which he also manages.

Additionally he also began a new venture with Blended Audio in 2018, hosting a visual arts podcast called Art Pod . Despite that, his portrait art is still his “life and passion” . “Portraiture is the cornerstone of my creative journey. I started my art career with portraiture in 2005. It enabled me to grow and branch out as an artist over the years. It is my concrete as a young artist. The subject keeps me focused, motivated and confident. Portraiture has also given me the skills needed to pursue other fields of art with technical confidence” Chandler says.

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