ARTIST Richie Madyira

I use bold colours which are not natural but I think they give my paintings a happy vibe and bring light into people’s lives.

Richie Madyira was born 1989 in Harare, Zimbabwe. He graduated with a diploma from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe School of Visual Art & Design in 2007.
At a young age, he was often caught up in conflicting family discussions about religion and traditional rituals. This has affected his perception of faith and religion and is often emphasised in his artworks.

His paintings are very colourful and he enjoys painting predominantly figurative. His colour choice doesn’t fully represent the real world but creates happiness and harmony. For the artist colours are the language to his art.

He portraits his fellow Zimbaweans, immigrants like himself in South Africa, who came here in persuit of bettering their life. The paintings show the pride and joy they take in spoiling themselves with a bit of “bling” on the weekends after a busy week filled with work.

Richie Madyira’s work is mainly rooted in his personal experiences; he creates stories of the living conditions of poorer communities. Madyira strives to give hope and encourages people to free themselves from situations that derail progress.

He draws inspiration from the hardships of his childhood, what he senses, perceives and experiences.
Richie now lives in Cape Town, South Africa, where he pursues his full time career as an artist.

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